Monday, March 21, 2011

Vericon Part Three

Wrapping things up...

I bought three mounted posters by Sarah Clemens (you have to scroll down a bit to see the actual pictures.) All three are in the "Magnus and Loki" series and are beautifully painted in addition to being adorably cute.

We went to a concert by Sassafras. They weren't very polished, and they were sometimes horribly out of tune, but they also had some wonderful moments of power and humor. I bought both of their CDs as a gesture of support. I really want them to finish up the Baldur Song Cycle and get it published.

I hit the Harvard Book Store just before it closed on Saturday night and bought four books. I'll talk more about them as I finish reading them.

Brandon Sanderson gave a really thoughtful keynote speech and was remarkably patient with his fans. I've heard that some really popular writers can be jerks - he definitely wasn't one of them.

We saw The Summer Wars which did not quite live up to its billing ("Spirited Away meets Ghost in the Shell!") but we did both enjoy it. I tend to find anime depictions of small children incredibly irritating, and this movie may have set a new level for that.

We talked ourselves out of buying Tales of Earthsea because the DVD set didn't include BlueRay.

We had a delicious quick lunch at The Sabra Grill and got wonderful bubble tea at The Boston Tea Stop.

On the drive home, we stopped at Minado for an amazing sushi buffet. I had to force myself to stop eating after two giant plates of food. It's quite expensive but if you love sushi and go hungry, it's absolutely worth the money.

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