Monday, September 24, 2007

Black bra, white T

Yeah, that's what I wear when I get sick.

If only I would remember to change before I walk the dog, and run into all my neighbors. They now think (they already thought, but have had it further confirmed) that I'm a fashion nut-case.

I've been sleeping every free minute, trying to hurry this cold along so I can return to health.

My green cotton sock is a great knitting project when suffering medicine head.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So tired I'm floating

Not really. But it feels that way: I'm moving very slowly and gravity seems to pull very effectively on dropped items, so that they plummet just out of my reach.

My red-socks-on-2-circs have been stalled at the calf shaping for almost a week. I added an extra purl stitch between each of the ribs, so that a "K3P1" became a "K3P2" on the back half. But this didn't seem to do enough. Last night, I had another idea: larger needles! So the back half of the sock is going onto a larger needle for a few rows, and then the front half will also go onto bigger needles. Thus, I will have

1) calf shaping
2) my size 2's free to knit my second green cotton sock!

Now if only I were sufficiently awake to have some confidence in this plan...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Now I Understand...

Now I understand why some bloggers miss an entire week at a time: it's called Real Life and it does get in the way.

For me: start of school. One class unexpectedly gets three more students. Coaching eats up tons of time. New students need coddling, attention, support.

No knitting time, either.

However, I did get a swift and ball-winder for my birthday!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Missing them

For the third time this year, a blogger I adored is shutting her doors and sealing all the windows... saying goodbye, in other words.

It's always a nasty shock to me when this happens. I guess I could understand why MedStudentWhoKnits needed to change things up when she ceased to be a med student. I'd always wondered how Miss Snark kept up her business while also posting thousands of words (intelligent, well-thought-out words) each day. And now, one of my daily favorites, GoldPoppy, has announced that she is through, at least for now.

I loved her posts. She always had fantastic photos. She sometimes shared poetry by authors I'd never discovered before, but now count as favorites. She could be outrageous, whimsical, and devout, all in the same paragraph. She shared a lot of herself in her daily blog entries - very brave, that woman.

I will miss her.