Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things I did last weekend

1) Had a terrific lunch at Great Wall in Florence, MA. They look like a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, but the gourmet menu is just marvelous and tastes like home cooking.

2) Got bubble tea at Lime Red Tea House. My favorite is the grapefruit with green tea and "boba".

3) Cooked Malaysian Radish Cake with bean sprouts.

4) Also cooked Stir-fried Pork with Basil and a Fried Egg. 

5) Nearly set myself on fire trying to light our new grill (a Traeger wood pellet, in case you're wondering. Poorly designed. Don't get one.)

6) Scared all the neighbors with my yelling when I nearly caught on fire. That was awkward.

7) Discovered a new blog I love: My Name is Yeh

8) Had a bunch of students over for dinner.

9) Went to Commencement and said goodbye to my seniors.

10) WON THE TEACHING AWARD!!! (I'm still in shock, and so happy.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things I wish I knew more about

I wish I knew more about...

1) Geography. (I have a terrible sense of spatial orientation and while I'm good at memorizing routes, so I don't usually get lost, I have no idea how our local roads link our local towns together. And forget anything on a larger scale!)

2) Economics.

3) Biology.

4) Psychology.

5) Probability.

6) Game Theory. (sounds so cool, makes so little sense to me)

7) Native American culture.

8) Religions other than Christianity.

9) Making candy.

10) Making cheese.