Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: 10 thoughts about the Olympics

1) I love the Olympics. I put aside all cynicism and revel in 17 days of unabashed national pride.

2) I watch everything I can and try to Tivo everything else.

3) I'm so glad that snowmobile X and snowmobile freestyle haven't made it to the Olympics yet.

4) I don't really understand moguls as a sport, but I appreciate the athleticism it takes to excel in it.

5) Short-track speed skating is nuts.

6) So is skeleton.

7) And so is halfpipe skiing.

8) I should be knitting but I'm too tired, and I'm usually trying to work in front of the TV.

9) I love having a little TV in the kitchen. I've gotten a lot of baking done with the Olympics on in the background.

10) The little dog loves the Olympics because I'm spending more time than usual on the sofa, so he gets more snuggling.