Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things that make me feel old:

1) When I realize that I'm legitimately old enough to be the mother of most of my students. (23 years older than the youngest ones!)

2) When I look for books I loved in high school and discover that they've been out of print for almost two decades.

3) When it's 80's Day at school and I have this brief pre-caffeine flash of thinking that everyone suddenly looks NORMAL.

4) When I hear music on the radio, happily remember it from my high school days, then realize that I'm listening to the Oldies station.

5) When I realize that I haven't been a size 10 in almost 8 years.

6) When I tell people that was a natural blonde in high school and they don't believe me (it's brown + silver now)

7) When I realize that my good friend's son is about to graduate from college... he was born our senior year of high school!

8) The realization that I will have to get bifocals pretty soon.

9) Meeting mothers of my sons' classmates who are over 10 years younger than I am... wait, aren't they too young to have kids? Well, no... I just started a little later than they did.

10) Strangely enough, every time I remember that I remember the "Challenger" crash.