Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So tired I'm floating

Not really. But it feels that way: I'm moving very slowly and gravity seems to pull very effectively on dropped items, so that they plummet just out of my reach.

My red-socks-on-2-circs have been stalled at the calf shaping for almost a week. I added an extra purl stitch between each of the ribs, so that a "K3P1" became a "K3P2" on the back half. But this didn't seem to do enough. Last night, I had another idea: larger needles! So the back half of the sock is going onto a larger needle for a few rows, and then the front half will also go onto bigger needles. Thus, I will have

1) calf shaping
2) my size 2's free to knit my second green cotton sock!

Now if only I were sufficiently awake to have some confidence in this plan...

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