Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Smoothies

I was very inspired to Lolly's post about green smoothies, and while I feared my old Black-n-Decker blender might not be able to handle the load, I went ahead tried all three of her recipes.

What I've learned: I cannot eat raw kale.

No matter how it was disguised by the other ingredients, I couldn't force myself to drink more than a single swallow. The texture was a turnoff, but even worse was the smell!

I'll cook the remaining kale for dinner tonight. We do fine together after it's been stir-fried with some garlic and ginger.

I went ahead and tried the recipes with spinach as the main green. First two? No luck... my poor DH was stuck drinking both of them after I couldn't handle it.

But I finally got some sprouts at the market and tried her Sweet Sprouts recipe (subbing spinach for the kale, and frozen pineapple for the frozen peaches) and... it's not bad. Now, mind you, I'm not promising that I'll make it ever again. But at least I'm drinking my 1/2 of it this time.

Next question on my mind: how long will I stay full?

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  1. I agree - yukk. I do love my kale in soup, though.