Friday, June 1, 2012

A report on last night's dinner party

I had put a "vegetarian or pescetarian dinner for five" into the Senior Auction back in March. My friend and colleague, Donna, bought it. Last night, she and her sister and two friends (the last person couldn't make it) came over for dinner.

The menu:
fresh honey-oat bread
four cheeses (Brie, aged cheddar, smoked gouda, and white Stilton with apricots)
low fat spinach dip
carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, yellow grape tomatoes, cauliflower, and red pepper slices

(there was supposed to be a course of cold tomato soup and deviled eggs, but I forgot to serve it!)

white rice
Cambodian fish stew
mushrooms with butter garlic sauce
roasted asparagus

vanilla ice cream
fruit salad

ice tea with simple syrup on the side
ice water with lemon or lime slices

I think it hit a nice mix of the delicious and the healthy... everyone ate a lot and Kathy told stories for three hours!

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