Sunday, June 17, 2012

New recipe: hollandaise sauce

While we were in Boston last weekend we ate breakfast at IHOP, which I used to love in college but haven't visited in about a decade. I had a "healthy omelette" with egg substitute - bleah! I will never go there again - and DH had a pair of crepes wrapped around a vegetable omelette and topped with Hollandaise sauce. He was nice enough to give me a couple bites. Yowza! We both agreed that it was delicious and worthy of trying to reproduce at home.

So today is Father's Day. We don't make a big deal of it: DH grew up in a family that doesn't "do" "Hallmark holidays" and I'm not that close with my father. (Note: I was good about doing things for my grandfathers while they were still alive.) I had a brainwave last night, that I would try to recreate this dish for brunch today.

Crepes via this recipe (not new, I've made them before)
Scrambled eggs with thinly sliced peppers, Chinese chives, and a big handful of arugula.
Hollandaise sauce via this recipe. I had to improvise a double-boiler because I couldn't find the real one.

Verdict: pretty yummy but not as good as the ones at IHOP. I think I need to put mushrooms in the eggs.

New recipe count: eighteen

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