Friday, June 8, 2012

New recipe: roasted apple (no knead?) bread

I promise, I really am making progress on the knitting front.

However, it's the first week of my summer vacation so I'm cleaning up my recipe file with enthusiasm! (This level of energy is abnormal for me.) Starting yesterday and baking today, I tried King Arthur Flour's Roasted Apple No-Knead Bread via XO Breakfast's modifications. First, I have two confessions to make:
1) I baked the bread for too long
2) I accidentally forgot to include the nuts

Even with those problems, the bread was yummy! Not too sweet, but interesting, and with a great crust and crumb. I have to try it again with those problems fixed. Also, even though the recipe claims to be "No-Knead" that is totally inaccurate... "mix for 5 minutes with your hands" totally counts as kneading. Good thing I don't actually mind getting my hands into the flour!

New recipe count: seventeen

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