Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New recipe: asparagus with almonds and garlic yogurt sauce

I found a pound of leftover roasted asparagus in the back of the fridge. Since nobody in the family likes leftover asparagus - hey, let's be honest, I'm the only one who likes the vegetable at all - I did a little searching for a recipe to gussy it up.

I found Smitten Kitchen's recent post on a side dish (or light main course) of asparagus with almonds, hard-boiled egg, and a spicy garlic yogurt sauce. It looked fabulous. The result was a little less impressive. I couldn't eat the sauce because of the raw garlic, and the asparagus had lost the pleasing bite it gets from being roasted and was just limp and stringy. I imagine the salad is better when made fresh that day, so I'm not disparaging SK's recipe. I'm just noting that it wasn't right for us.

New recipe count: sixteen

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