Monday, February 28, 2011

In which we make rolled-up pizza, with pictures!

Last night I had some unexpected time and motivation so I decided to tackle a lasagna-inside-a-calzone that I had seen on Lottie and Doof. The recipe was suppose to serve 6-8 as appetizers; my husband and I ate 7/8 of it over the course of about 5 hours... so appetizer, entree, and late-night snack. It was delicious. It was not easy. But I will probably make it again...

The dough, rolled out and adorned with sauce and cheese. Six-year-old sous chef provided for scale.

The dough, folded up and placed in a very hot oven:

The thing after about 20 minutes of baking. (Notice the roasted Brussel sprouts on the lower rack.)

The thing after we'd had dinner. You can clearly see the layers of lasagna inside the charred outer shell. I don't think I rolled the dough thin enough... it should have had twice as many layers!

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