Sunday, February 20, 2011

Preliminary thoughts about "Among Others"

I just finished reading Among Others. I thought it was amazing, although the resolution was not at all what I had been envisioning. Of course, now that I write that, I see that the resolution does fit very well into the rest of the book, so I think I just wasn't thinking about it hard enough.

I wonder whether Jo Walton read The Magicians and decided that she had to write this book in response. I could really see the books as a call-and-response pair. Too bad I'm about the only one of my friends who really liked The Magicians because I don't see me being able to start much of a conversation about this with anyone.

Among Others was really a love letter to Science Fiction, to the fandom of the early 70s. I now must go track down all the books that Mor reads, so that I can fully understand all the great reading group conversations.

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