Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Non-knitting Blogs

My non-knit-blog reading can be essentially split into categories.

1) John Scalzi - funny, liberal, and he posts more than once a day!
2) Neil Gaiman - posts irregularly, but writes beautifully and lives a fascinating life.
3) Robin McKinley - posts daily. Extremely funny and sarcastic. I almost didn't include her because she's "learning to knit" but so far as I can tell, she's managed to cast on three stitches. I don't think she counts as a knit-blogger yet!
4) Charles Stross - while I disagree with some of his politics, I find his extrapolation pieces informative and thought-provoking.

Food blogs:
5) The Wednesday Chef - I read her mostly just to hear about life in Berlin; she also has some amazing pasta recipes.
6) Lottie and Doof - the food tends to be more complex than I want to tackle on a weeknight, but this blog makes me dream.
7) Smitten Kitchen - delicious and very approachable. I've made over a dozen recipes from her website and they've all been great!
8) Pastry Studio - my most recent discovery. Purely pastries, as the name implies, but the Bench Notes and careful explanations take this well beyond the typical food blog.
9) The Pioneer Woman - I don't cook most of the food on her blog (I'd be even fatter if I did...)

Mommy blogs: I used to read more of these, but as their interests slowly diverged from mine, I let most of them go. The lone survivor is
10) Half-Changed World - which is more of a policy-wonk blog than a mommy-blog, anyway.

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