Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions (New Year part 2)

A lot of my resolutions remain the same from last year. The "lose weight" one is still on the list because it didn't work out too well. The "knit every day" one is still on the list because it worked fantastically well. The "read 100 books" resolution is there because I always achieve it and it's nice to know that at least one of my resolutions is totally within my grasp.

1) Knit every day.
2) Read 100 new books.
3) At least 10 of those books should qualify as Good Reading - by which I mean that my mother or aunt will have heard of the title. (Glancing over last year, I think Half-Broke Horses and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society might be the only qualifiers.)
4) Exercise more.
5) Lose weight.
6) Convince my family to get a dog.
7) Be less snarly.
8) Get things done on time.
9) Have the house totally unpacked and clean by the end of the summer.
10) Take better photographs.

I plan to make use of the library's extensive collection of Books on Tape to help with both #1 and #2.

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