Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 on Tuesday: ten favorite games from childhood

1) Sorry! - easy enough for the younger cousins to play and still have a shot at beating us elder cousins
2) WAR - a mindless game, good for entertaining smaller cousins while watching TV
3) Hide and Seek - good in a house with lots of odd closets
4) Sardines - see above
5) I Spy - used by my parents to keep me busy on car trips
6) The Alphabet Game - see above
7) 24 - this is a game where everyone stares at the numbers on the license plate, or billboard, and has to use basic math to get the digits to equal 24. Great for long car trips. I could beat both my parents before I was 10... no wonder I became a math teacher!

Example: suppose you spot the digits 1285. 1x8x(5-2) = 24

8) The Name Game - I think this has a sillier name in real life, but I can't recall it. We used to play this on tennis team trips... somebody starts with "Carrie Smith" and then the next name has to have an S, so "Sarah Jones" and then "Jennifer Dillman" and then "Don Drake" which reverses the order of play because of the alliteration. We played where you had to use names of students at our school.
9) Game of Life - not one of my personal favorites, but my two best friends, Amy and Amy, adored this game so we played it a lot.
10) Monopoly - this one's on the list for my mom and uncle... I always thought this one was boring, but they would stay up all night to finish a game.


  1. They made 24 into a game with cards that have 4 numbers. we played it everyday during 4th and 5th grade