Friday, January 7, 2011

Little basil seedlings!

but, alas, no pictures. I got home too late to get the good light, and they're only a few millimeters above the dirt.

The backstory: I planted these seeds on New Years Day. (It's an old family tradition that I had forgotten over the past two decades.) My mother and I used to plant all sorts of things, which she would carefully nurture under a couple Grow-Lights until they could be planted outside. I didn't have the energy to think that far ahead, so I just went with a lot of basil, which I can always grow in pots until it's warm enough to transplant them outdoors.

So: first seedling spotted last night (the 6th), among the Italian basil plants. Today, I think I can see a couple more coming in, but I'll know for sure tomorrow.

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