Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More soups

Rereading yesterday's post, I realized that I left off a BUNCH of my favorite soups! I totally forgot about cold soup, just for starters, and then there were some other soups that I haven't cooked recently but still love.

11) Shabu shabu: it's only sort-of-a-soup, but it's delicious and I haven't had it in years.

12) Borscht: I love beets but they don't love me, so I don't indulge very often.

13) Vichyssoise: my favorite cold soup, ever. Made with lots of potato and little cream, it's a great summer lunch in a soup bowl.

14) Pumpkin (or butternut) bisque: I'm currently adoring the version I buy at CostCo. I've tried a bunch of different recipe but none of them quite captures that elusive balance between cream, spice, and squash.

15) Cold melon soup: I don't have the perfect recipe for this, but I've eaten some wonderful versions in restaurants over the years.

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