Monday, July 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to do instead of watching TV

Well, given that I limit myself to about 10 hours a week of TV (except when I'm sick or injured), I have lots of things for this list!

1) Knit
2) Read a book
3) Cook
4) Bake
5) Clean the house
6) Grade some homework
7) Prep for the next days' classes
8) Sort the mail
9) Play with my children
10) Practice violin and piano

Oh, wait! You probably meant things I do TO RELAX instead of watching TV. OK, I can handle this:

1) Knit something more complex than stockinette, because I could have been doing that in front of the TV.
2) Read a book
3) Crochet, because I can't do it without looking.
4) Cook
5) Bake
6) Play piano
7) Go for a walk
8) Play with my children
9) Dream about next summer's garden
10) Take a hot bath (although I suddenly had an image of a tiny TV mounted over my bathtub... that would be SWEET!)

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