Monday, August 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to bring on vacation

Wow... sorry, very tired and rushed here. We move in 6 days!

OK, on to the topic at hand: ten things I would bring on vacation with me.

1) My family. (or was that a given?)
2) My knitting. (or was that a given, too?) Something lightweight and easy to knit because I may not be able to check the pattern very easily. Right now I lean toward one-color mittens, simple socks, or a very simple scarf.
3) My camera.
4) My wallet.
5) My wonderful black coat that is almost a rain coat and nicer than a windbreaker and can keep me warm in cold auditoriums.
6) A couple of good paperbacks that I would enjoy reading on the train or beach but wouldn't mind leaving behind if my suitcase got too full.
7) A reading light. I don't sleep well on public transportation and I like to have something to distract me.
8) My phone, which has a GPS unit and can also access the Web. (Since I'm knitting Citron right now, this has proven crucial to my success. No need to print out the pattern when you can just look up the original on Knitty!)
9) If I can, I bring along my favorite pillow. This really helps me get a better night's sleep!
10) A list of addresses of everyone who might like to receive a postcard. If I'm traveling within the USA, I also bring the postcard stamps with me so I don't waste vacation time finding a post office.

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