Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 ways to lighten your mood

Hooray! A topic I can actually speak about with some confidence. (That Bacon Topic just left me cold, since I'm the only member of the family who actually eats it.)

1) Get a hug from a loved one.

2) Snuggle with your dog.

3) Or take your dog for a long stroll, if the weather is nice.

4) Read your children a fun book and make the silly voices and noises and faces while you do so.

5) Call an old friend.

6) Claim the most comfortable chair and knit a few rows on something easy.

7) Cook something delicious but not too fussy.

8) Grab a "beach read" and head to the seated bike at the gym.

9) Blast loud silly music and sing along. Dance if you feel like it. (Violent Femmes and Carrie Underwood are my favorites!)

10) Read a sad book that's guaranteed to make you cry. ("The Wake" by Neil Gaiman always serves this purpose for me.) Afterward, wash your face and eat a bar of chocolate. Strangely enough, this usually makes me feel better.


  1. Your list was great! I haven't danced along to some loud music for a long time. My favorite was Shiny Happy People by REM. I'm showing my age by telling you that. :)

  2. Good idea on the music. I usually rock to Melissa Etheridge or Janis Joplin. Now that's old.

  3. Love #9. I used to play WBCN really loud after dealing with Obnoxious Bob all day at work. (Ever notice that every workplace has an Obnoxious Bob?)

  4. P.S. My verification string was cousnerp. A relative of Cousin Itt, presumably.