Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My week in Niantic

The real reason I haven't been posting any picture is that I was on vacation in Niantic and forgot my camera cable. Duh! Since we plan to return next summer, I made detailed notes about all the places we ate. Just in case anybody else is curious, I'm sharing my thoughts here:

Saturday: lunch at the Main Street Grille (no website), which was OK. Just OK. The kids loved the grilled cheese. My cobb salad was unexpected (no bleu cheese) but otherwise tasty. Mom and DH were disappointed in their entrees.
Dinner was carry-out from Ilianti's. The pizza was pleasantly un-greasy and not-salty and the service was great. The salads were varied and delicious. I would definitely order from them again.

Sunday: dinner was at The Black Sheep Public House. While the vegetarian options were extremely limited, they were delicious! The rest of us had salmon and crabcakes, both of which were very good. We're planning to eat here again later in the week.

Monday: drove up to Groton to eat at Thai Sawasdee. The food was yummy but a bit salty, and the service was slow (only one guy in the front, poor thing!)

Tuesday: dinner was carry-out from the two local Chinese restaurants, Diamond and Great Wall (neither seems to have its own website). Both would get middling reviews from me. The mu shu vegetable from Great Wall was quite tasty. The General Tso's Tofu from Diamond was also good. All the other dishes were disappointing.

Wednesday: dinner at La Belle Aurore Bistro which was fantastic! Yummy vegetables and fantastic seafood. The vegetarian options were good, too. I wouldn't eat there every day - the butter and olive oil would kill my arteries - but for a treat, this was the place to go.

Thursday: back to The Black Sheep Public House for dinner, because they'd changed their menu and the kids said they made the best grilled cheese. Dinner was fantastic for all of us. They altered the salmon entree just for me because I can't eat shellfish and were really nice about it.

Friday: we got lost on our way to a Japanese restaurant in Old Saybrook, and ended up at a wonderful Thai restaurant instead! Som Siam East Thai (no website) was kid-friendly and served absolutely marvelous food. The service was very good when we got there, but slowed down badly as more customers arrived.

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