Friday, July 9, 2010

Drooling over the latest Knitty

in which, as always, I admire the various patterns and make no serious plans to knit any of them.

Note: I couldn't load some of the patterns that are cross-listed with KnittySpin, so I haven't reviewed them here.

Iced: a simple cardigan with no seaming and no buttonholes? Sign me up!

Victoria: another cardigan, this one elegant and refined. I love it but I'll never knit it - all that moss stitch...

Lamina: an elegant and eye-catching scarf. It also has the huge advantage of requiring no grafting. This one looks gorgeous on the model but I'm not sure it would work for me.

Coquille: a shawlette designed for self-striping yarn, but the photo that really caught my eye was the version knit in pure blue. I'm going to wait for the Ravelry updates to see how it looks in more solids before I commit to this one.

Lanesplitter: I will never in my life have the ass to wear a knitted skirt like this one, but I think it's pure genius. Probably my favorite pattern from the whole issue!

Coralie: knitted earrings? Wow... but also useless to me, since I don't have pierced ears.

Plaid: love the socks, hate the intarsia.

Flo the Elephant: love love LOVE it! And hey, I actually do know how to crochet, so the feet shouldn't be a problem for me.

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