Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I wish my town had

Having recently done a post about all the reasons to love my town, a few... lacks... occurred to me. I really do love living here! These are just a few suggestions about the next business that should open up in town.

1) a florist, because I like to give flowers to people and I haven't done it in years because it's such a pain to drive to the florist.

2) a bookstore, because I'm into instant gratification when I want a new novel.

3) a used bookstore, so I could browse whenever I felt like it.

4) a movie theater, preferably a second-run or art-house movie theater. Watching movies in the basement of our public library really doesn't fill this gap.

5) a coffee shop. We used to have a lovely one just down from the public library but it went out of business a couple years ago when the rent went up. Dunkin Donuts, while it has a place in my heart, doesn't fill this particular need for me.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for making me thankful for the independently owned, handy and high quality shops in my own town.