Monday, July 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to take camping

Umm... excuse me? I don't go camping! (At least I haven't in the past 8 years, and I'm perfectly happy with that.)

When I was in graduate school, I went camping perhaps six times. It was fun, but I never fell in love with it. After getting married and having a baby, I had the perfect excuse to quit, and I did.

However, I will exercise my imagination and say

1) tent
2) bug-spray
3) thermo-rest
4) sleeping bag
5) comfy pillow (none of this "use your burr-laden sweatshirt as your pillow substitute" nonsense!)
6) easy knitting
7) fellow camper with guitar or fiddle
8) pinecones to put in the campfire (they make the flames turn cool colors)
9) marshmallows for toasting
10) my family (because if I'm camping, they should be out there, too.)

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to camp on Sunday to be the nurse for a week. Easy knitting is a good idea. I always forget to bring a flashlight. But I remember the shortbread to tempt the counsellors. My cabin has a bathroom and a kitchen and 4 hospital beds. I'm closest to the lake. Yay Cultus Lake Camp!