Friday, December 28, 2012


To make a long story very short, we had some very aged Gouda that no one was eating up (because it's only good at room temperature and we're all bad at thinking far enough ahead to start warming up the cheese 3 hours before we plan to eat it). We also had a huge thing of CostCo Gouda that no one was eating up (because none of us likes plain gouda. It was purchased by mistake when the shopper couldn't find the smoked gouda that was on the list.)

So I searched for ways to use up a lot of gouda at once and came up with this fondue recipe. I had to go shopping for Kirsch, and couldn't find any so now we have rather a lot of cherry brandy, but I have plans for the rest of it... and anyway, it was delicious. We tried it with roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, pan-fried yellow peppers, and four different types of bread.

New recipe count: 36

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