Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to do before the summer ends

Alas, my students return today: summer is officially over for me. However, we've got some hot weather rolling in, so I guess I can play along with this idea that "summer" still goes until September 21st.

1) Get in the water one more time (lake, pond, stream, pool, or ocean...)

2) Even out my tan. (Too many T-shirts and athletic socks in the middle of the summer, when we were moving. Now I've got a blurry farmer's tan. At least the two weeks at the beach got my feet to catch up with my legs, so to speak.)

3) Take full advantage of the farmer's market. (Actually, I already did that on Saturday, but I have to remember to head back every weekend until they close at Hallow'een.)

4) Mail birthday presents to my aunts. (Almost all of them were born in mid to late September.)

5) Mail thank-you notes. (My birthday was yesterday.)

6) Make fresh-tomato sauce. (I know the tomatoes are past their peak, but I only need a small batch to make me happy.)

7) Eat my fill of cherries and peaches.

8) Drink a cold beer on the porch while watching the sun sets while NOT wearing a sweater. (Running out of time for this one.)

9) Make a batch of popsicles.

10) Get ice cream at Scoop du Jour.


  1. Happy belated birthday. We lost our warm evenings in a single day one week ago. And my cherry tomatoes still haven't ripened!