Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bella's Mittens in light blue, shorter cuff

Modifications: began pattern on row #16 to make the arm shorter. Added 2 stitches (one rib repeat) to make everything slightly wider.

Details: size 8 DPNs. Berkshire Bulky in Colonial Blue, rather under 1 skein.

I'm suffering from Second Mitten Syndrome, in that I wanted to try out my next set of modifications Right! Now! and so plunged into the light green, hugs-n-kisses mitten instead of dutifully finishing up this pair. No worries - these are intended as Christmas presents, so I'm a good three months early with them.

The alert reader may notice that I haven't finished ANY of the items on my to-do list from June. This is largely because of the move: I have NO idea where Matt's mittens are, or the yarn for Shams, Pix, or Tommy.

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