Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things that are your favorite color

My favorite color is green, and I am in the middle of changing computers so I fear no pictures will accompany this post.

1) Mint leaves.
2) Basil leaves. Wait, am I repeating myself?
3) Broccoli
4) Artichokes
5) Green beans. Duh.
6) Granny Smith apples, just before I slice them into an apple pie... woops, now I'm drooling.
7) My toothbrush.
8) My favorite shirt for work. (Oxford no-iron with pin stripes in pale green, from Lands End.)
9) Most of the last dozen mittens I've made.
10) My favorite tea

1 comment:

  1. Green tea for me, everyday of the week. I'm not really agree person until it comes to food...your list made me realize that. Thx.