Friday, March 23, 2012

Three new recipes in one meal

I suddenly had my energy back and some free time today, so I tackled three of the recipes that had been sitting in my queue for a while:

1) Mac and cheese from's "You're doing it wrong" column. While I don't think this is the definitive Mac and Cheese, it was very tasty. I used half smoked Gouda and half sharp cheddar in the sauce, and panko breadcrumbs on top.

2) Potato Leek Soup, also from the same column at This was very good, maybe even the best I've ever made. And it was easy! Definitely a keeper.

3) Citrus-marinated tofu with onions and red peppers from Not a winner IMHO... the recipe was hard to follow, never told me when to put in the honey, and didn't taste all that impressive. We're going to see if the leftovers taste better tomorrow.

And my New Recipe count is up to... ten, eleven, twelve.

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