Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 on Tuesday: ten things in my purse

I love the simple ones, where it doesn't take a lot to actually answer the question...

1) My wallet
2) My keys
3) A lot of cough drops.
4) Tic-tacs (white)
5) My cell phone
6) My watch (if I'm not wearing it)
7) Some loose change that got out of my wallet
8) Chapstick
9) A couple of "feminine sanitation products"
10) A paperback copy of "The Complaints" by Ian Rankin, which is currently my waiting-somewhere-reading.

Note: I often have knitting in my purse, but right now the blue mitten has grown too big to travel easily, and the green mitten requires an entire book to travel with it. This probably means I should cast on for another sock.


  1. I am usually too bag lady to carry knitting in my purse...I have to have another bag for that!

  2. Love your lists. Loved the Complaints.

  3. love the last sentence...yup have to have a sock going