Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reading for the Hugo Awards, part 7: Best Fan Writer

Best Fan Writer: all five submitted sample articles for consideration. Mike is the only one of my nominees who made the ballot, and as such is naturally at the top of my list. I was surprised that three of the five are primarily interested in media rather than literature, although props to Jeffro for writing about the intersection between the two fields.

Mike Glyer: long time writer/compiler of File 770 and previous Hugo nominee. I've always enjoyed his writing and I think he does a good job of analysis on the Baldwin issue, for example.

Jeffro Johnson: gives us a strong interview and two pieces of analysis. I don't agree with his politics, particularly with regards to his views on HP Lovecraft, but I respect his writing ability. All three articles are about the influences of SFF novels on the gaming community.

Shamus Young: writes a nice introduction to his work and submits one long analytical article. I haven't played Mass Effect so I gave up on the article about 14 pages in.

Morgan Holmes: Send in a bunch of short articles. Writing style is terse and not particularly reflective. At least she's writing about books and authors instead of movies and video games...

Douglas Ernst: does movie reviews. None of them is particularly long or introspective.

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