Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reading for the Hugo Awards, part 5: Best Fan Artist

I have no familiarity with this area, so once again I'm going purely by what came in my voter packet, supplemented by what I can find online. Neither disse86 nor Christian Quinot submitted anything. Unfortunately for me, they're also the two whose work I liked best (from what I found online).

Matthew Callahan, AKA "the guy with the Star Wars miniatures" has cute stuff and a nice visual style. I like his work on a personal level but don't know how to compare it with the other works because he's working in a different medium.

disse86: Does very dark work, rather reminiscent of HR Giger or John Jude Palencar on a smaller scale. Not to my personal taste, but I recognize the talent this takes.

Christian Quinot: fantasy painter. Looks like he might illustrate gaming cards. Not a style I really enjoy, but competently done.

Kukuroyu: a cartoonist. Not my style, but closer to it than the other artists...

Steve Stiles: a cartoonist. Not seeing what the buzz is about.

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