Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Reading for the Hugo Award, part 9: Best Professional Editor (long form)

Liz Gorinsky: I've only read three of her novels (Radiance, Valour and Vanity, and The Snow Queen) but I loved all three of them. I'm particularly impressed by Radiance, which is a complex and difficult novel and must have required care to shepherd it to publication.

Sheila Gilbert: I haven't read any of the novels on her list, but she works with some authors I really like (cough cough Seanan McGuire)

Jim Minz (Baen): I haven't read any of the novels on his list, but it's a respectable group

Neither Vox Day nor Toni Weisskopf chose to submit supporting information. I'm very curious about whether Toni edits Lois McMaster Bujold, which IMHO would be a huge mark in her favor. Those books are beautifully polished! Unfortunately, that information isn't readily available for someone with my poor search skills.

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