Saturday, February 2, 2013

I love the 21st century!

I love this new century we're living in:

Watched CSI: NY on the TiVo. (that's Thing I Like #1)

Heard a song I really liked during the opening montage. Looked up its lyrics via the Internet (this is Thing #2)

In this case, it didn't work. Found a couple songs that come close, including an awesome cover by Adele of a Bonnie Raitt song, but not this one.

So I went to one of the CSI: NY fan websites and found not only this song, but EVERY song from this season listed there. (Fan websites that contain actual content = Thing #3)

For the record: the song is "Love is a Madness" by No Sinners and the lyrics I searched were

Well if I can't make you love me
And I can't make you pretend
And I can't make you want me, baby
Then there's nothing else to recommend
I guess it's gotta end

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