Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things I want to knit this fall/winter

Yes, I'm posting late... yesterday was both my birthday and the first day of school, so I didn't have time to put any thought into blogging.

There are TONS of things I want to knit! My Ravelry queue is up to 250 items. However, let's be practical: I'll be doing Xmas gifts for the next three months, and then graduation gifts until May. So keeping that in mind, here are the things I hope to knit:

1) The 116-7 mittens by DROPS. (I call them Stripes and Snowflakes.) My gauge is not quite what it should be, so I plan to do the Large size for a small woman's hands.

2) Glitten by Julia Mueller (rav link). I'm on the hook for two pairs of these, to my husband's cousins in Toronto.

3) see above

4) Selbu Mittens (rav link). I made these last year and they were so gorgeous that I'm knitting another pair. Miracle of miracles, my gauge actually DOES match here, so no adjustments should be needed.

5) NHM #1 (rav link). I love snowflakes on mittens!

6) NHM #3 (rav link). Yes, I am a fool for Norwegian mitten patterns.

7) Elizabeth Zimmerman's May Mittens (rav link.) I need to build up some courage before tackling an EZ pattern!

8) Some sort of fingertip-less gloves for my aunt, who wants them "in a bright color."

9) Jonah (rav link) because a lot of my colleagues are having babies!

10) The Owl Baby Vest (rav link), because it's too cute not to make it.

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  1. Those are some crazy beautiful mittens you have picked out! You have some lucky friends and family :-)