Friday, September 23, 2011

Loving Knitty

I know... I make these lists four times a year and I don't do anything with them... although maybe when I retired in another 25 years, I can knit all the things I'm putting on these lists now. Or maybe I can just get more knitting done during my son's soccer practice instead of constantly swatting mosquitoes.

I love Kiwi. My sons are a little too old for this, but I've got lots of baby gifts to knit!
I also love the Ambroso mittens, and since I do knit mittens most of the time, these might actually get made.
It's the wrong color for me, but Apis Dorsata totally tickled my sense of humor.
Loved the cabling details on Papermoon, and since socks are the other things I knit reliably, these might also get made.
I think Tenney Park looks awesome, but I doubt I would either knit it or wear it.
I love Takoma but it's going to look terrible on me.

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