Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I love in the new Knitty

This one didn't generate much excitement for me... maybe I'm just still in "mitten-mode" while Knitty is publishing cute little cotton sweaters and intricate shawls. The three that did catch my eye:

I love the idea of Make Up Your Mind but I think one has to be built like Julie (who must be a size 0) for this sweater to be a good idea. Maybe my skinny teenaged cousin would like this? I'll have to show it to her...

Amiga is just about the perfect summer sweater. I might make this one, if I can figure out how she made those buttons...

I love the heel on Ornamental and might take up the challenge, next winter.

And sadly, that was all. Verdant looks really lovely but I know I'll never wear it. Maybe I'll just do a tiny sample so I can master the new intarsia technique.

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