Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 favorite snacks

Oh, another one I can really "sink my teeth" into!

1) popcorn, lightly salted, with real butter
2) fresh edamame in the pod, lightly salted
3) grapes
4) vegetable sticks and onion dip (or ranch dip, or remoulade sauce)
5) potato chips with salt and vinegar
6) watermelon
7) cheese and crackers (preferably sharp cheddar, a good Brie, or St Andre... I'm also partial to aged Gouda)
8) guacamole and chips
9) smoothies
10) nachos: just chips and hot cheese dip is great, but a little chili and scallions puts it over the top
11) cherries

As you can see, I couldn't limit it to just ten items! (I do love my snack food...)


  1. And I forgot to include

    Wasabi peas
    cashews and macadamia nuts
    hummus and pita chips
    graham crackers with Nutella
    dried fruits (apricots and blueberries, but really I'll eat almost anything)

  2. you made me remember that I forgot to include guacamole!