Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Flu-like Illness

Apparently the school-sponsored trip to South America brought back more than photos and good stories... yes, almost all of them fell sick at some point with what Kiley called "a really nasty case of Montezuma's revenge" and then brought it back to share with us.

I've didn't actually throw up, but I couldn't eat for over 2 days (severe stomach cramps if I tried) and also suffered from a high fever and aches and cramps. I'm slowly getting better, but it's still really hard for me to eat much solid food, so chronic low blood sugar is my new enemy.

So that's my excuse for missing a few days of posting! I could have put up a one-line post (which I've done before) but I literally didn't... have... the... energy.

Totally off-topic, I want to order from this citrus farm so badly! Currently wondering if my family can even eat 8 pounds of citrus fruit before it goes bad...

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  1. I caught something from the other nurses, or from some take out without the trip to SA.
    Hope you feel better. The Pinwheel Pi Baby blanket is only 2 rows of pattern and one of them is knit. Keeps me sane.