Friday, April 23, 2010

This is not a diet blog

and yet it's the thing I think about most these days.

Today was a Good Day. All meals straight from the diet plan except for the small piece of banana bread at 10am.

Yesterday was Not So Good. First there was the chocolate cupcake (dare I believe the website that says it's only 150 calories?) and then I went out for sushi with friends and definitely ate double my allowance of dinner foods.

Kitting continues with no pictures, as my computer is still in the shop. I've got about a foot of the Juicy Fruit Scarf and about 4 inches of the Wild Sock. Still no thumbs on Axel's mittens, but that's on the schedule for tomorrow. Maybe I can also finish the second Xmas ornament and sew the buttons on the baby sweater. (Hey - finishing 3 projects in one day would be AWEsome!)

As to what happened with my Olympic knitting... well, it's a sad tale. Apparently no one in the family likes to wear tube socks. I was almost done with the first sock before my sons told me to rip it back and add in the heel. So the sock languishes until I have time to tackle it again.

So here's the project summary:
Ishbel: 15% done, no deadline for completion
Maxwell's baby sweater: needs buttons; must be done ASAP as the kid is already a month old!
Axel's mittens: need thumbs; must be finished by June 15th when his family moves away.
The Xmas stocking ornament: needs to be sewn up and have the loop made and attached; must be done by December.
Juicy Fruit Scarf: 20% done; no deadline
Wild Sock: maybe 15% done with the first one. (This takes HEAVY concentration so I can't do it casually)
Matt's Mittens: he hasn't even picked a pattern yet
Shelter's Mittens: ditto
Mittens at auction: once I find out who bought them, we'll start discussing patterns and colors

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