Sunday, April 18, 2010

Project confusion (and 100 posts)

I seem to be suffering from Project Confusion.

I have one pair of socks, one half-done scarf, and three more pairs of mittens that need to be done by the end of June. I burned through two pairs of mittens in the past two weeks and thought I was on a roll. Then the confusion hit...

I taught myself to knit backward so I could make an Entrelac Noro Scarf. Knitting backwards isn't bad. Knitting backwards with two colors turns out to be much harder (for me) than purling with two colors.

I saw a pair of Pomotomus Mitts and knew I was going to try them this summer.

I dug out my copy of Top Town for Toddlers and made plans to knit the Cabled Pullover and one of the cardigans.

Oh - and yes, I've nearly finished two mini-stocking ornaments (you'll have to scroll pretty far down the page to see these) and keep plotting to make entire sets as Xmas gifts.

My computer should be back in my hands early next week, so I hope to be able to add some pictures to my 101st blog post!

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