Sunday, May 11, 2008

While I was out...

I knit another 3 pairs of kiddie mittens. I sold a pair of mittens at a charity auction for $100 (the maximum bid allowed) and must now get cracking on actually knitting them to the owner's specifications (forest green, maroon, simple geometric pattern, after-thought thumb.)

Last night, while working the evening shift for the third night in a row, I had a terrible yen for lace. This is why I have a stash, right? I pawed through the box of sock yarn on my next break and came up with some scrumptious Apple Laine in a dark purple/grey/light purple colorway. Then I dug out the ball-winder and swift (which were birthday presents, and which I hadn't used until last night) and figured them out. Then I found out that the chosen lace pattern was far beyond my skills as a knitter (this would be Jeannie from Knitty) and spent the rest of the night searching for a substitute pattern.

I found the pattern. I started it. It looks good. I knit about 8 inches of lace. This morning, my wrist hurts badly. This must be the price of overenthusiasm.

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