Sunday, May 11, 2008

the classes I wish I'd taken...

My friend over at "Half-changed world" did this meme a week ago, and while she didn't specifically tag anyone I found myself thinking about how I'd respond; so here goes:

Classes I wish they'd offered in High School:
1) Chinese
2) Spanish (they did offer it, but only 2 years worth, with a teacher who had a horrible Southern accent.)
3) Robotics
4) C or C++ (did that even exist in 1989?)

The classes I'm most grateful I took:
1) Touch-typing (7th grade)
2) History of Modern China (college)
3) Modern Physics (college)
4) Intro to Psychology (college)
5) Public speaking (high school)
6) Particle Physics (grad school)
7) Computer programming (high school, independent study)

Classes I wish I could take now:
1) Shop (wood working, metal working, etc.)
2) Modern Poetry
3) Number Theory
4) General Relativity
5) Color Theory
6) Chinese Cooking

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