Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 17: well that week was weird

Last week was WEIRD. Good-weird, bad-weird, and everything in between.

Anyone reading this will note that I have, once again, massively fallen off in my blogging ritual after the first four days of singular virtue. Much of that has been due to business with the Swimming and Diving team. Much of the rest has been due to the stress of being around seniors who are not yet committed to a college.

So, due to the constraints of my job, I can't say much about the week. However, I will note that

1) Being in a fight with one of your closest friends SUCKS
2) Acquiring a new advisee mid-year eats up hours and hours of time. (The kid is delightful. The older advisees get along great with him. He seems to like them, too. But the meetings! oh the meetings! to make it all transition smoothly...)
3) Looking at resumes is both stressful and depressing. We're advertising for an AP Statistics teacher. We're getting everything except that, thus far.
4) My advisees will stretch a 2-hour outing to a 4-hour outing if given the opportunity.
5) Lots of my friends and colleagues seem very sad and grouchy about the upcoming presidential inauguration. I'm not going to a protest march because my sons have a concert that day. But I know where they're coming from...

So there we are. I'll just file this one under "Whining" and try to take pictures of my knitting to make better blog fodder for tomorrow.

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