Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vacation: New Hampshire

I'm working backwards in time now. We were in NH for the last of July and early August. The weather was delightfully cool and we only got rained on twice. We had two separate visits from grad-school-era friends and their kids got along decently with our kids, which is always a nice bonus.

We don't eat out much when we're in NH. Part of this is just geography: it's a middling to long drive to anything really good. Part of this is family: we're here to see the uncles and aunts and cousins, even if it means eating burgers or lousy pasta for dinner. And part of this is my FIL, who's an insanely creative and excellent cook. When he and MIL are hosting a meal, we're always there.

We did manage to visit two outlet malls: Settler's Green in North Conway and Tanger Outlets in Tilton. Both are really good for children's clothing, and Tilton also has the lovely Thai House so that was like a double-win.

So where did we eat, when ate out? We trekked across the state to get great Asian food at East of Suez, which makes good lumpia and an amazing Taiwanese salt-and-pepper-chicken. We went to The Corner House Inn (an old family tradition) and also to Chequers Villa while we were visiting the uncle who lives in Tamworth. The former makes great seafood, salads, and burgers. The latter makes good jalapeƱo poppers and pizza, but stay away from the pasta unless you're completely unfussy. We missed going to Lago, which used to be a tradition but has fallen by the wayside this year. The view of Lake Winnipesauke is unbeatable, and the food's pretty darn good, too.

I also hit the sale at Patternworks, the lovely little yarn shop in Center Harbor. The yarn was pretty well picked over by the time I got there but I did score some 16-inch circular needles by Clover at a good price.

And that's really it. Lots of time in the water. Lots of time looking at mountains. Catching up with friends. Catching up with family. A delightful paucity of mosquitoes.

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