Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things I want to do with my summer

1) Read a lot
2) Catch up on TV viewing (like Body of Proof, which I haven't even started watching the 3rd season and now it's been cancelled!)
3) Keep trying new recipes
4) Catch up with family. We've got THREE (count 'em, three) different mini-reunions this summer, not counting the one at my aunt's funeral last week
5) Learn all about the math section of the ACT...
6)... and the SAT
7) Relearn calculus
8) Lose some weight
9) Knit something really different, like lace.
10) Finish knitting my first sweater.
11) Knit more mittens. Like these:


  1. Once a show's been cancelled I always waver on whether or not I want to catch up on it. Sometimes, if I end up loving it, it ends up just frustrating me that it's over. It's usually a good decision anyway, though!

  2. I have a five day hike scheduled. I'm scared. Not as scared as learning calculus, note: not re-learning calculus.