Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to bring on a picnic

To be honest, we're not a picnicking family. Younger Son and I both have horrible reactions to bug bites and DH insists that everyone wash their hands just before eating. Older Son hates the heat and doesn't like most traditional picnic foods... and there you have it. We'd all rather stay inside and eat at the table in the air-conditioning.

But on the rare occasions that we go picnicking, this is what we bring:

1) Bug spray
2) Hand wipes
3) Citronella candles
4) Lots of blankets and beach towels for sitting on
5) Brownies
6) Lemonade and ginger ale (my favorite "mixed drink" ever!)
7) Hummus and veggies
8) Potato chips
9) My knitting
10) A word game


  1. And... I already realized that I left off three important things: sunscreen, the dog, and the dog's water bowl.

  2. ohmygosh! i totally forgot to put knitting on my list but i so do not forget it for real! i was so into the food thing i didnt eventhink outside the box lol. i'm with you on the airconditioned table thing. my dh has this horirble thing though about the AC : no AC during the day, but turn it on at night so we can sleep comfortably. Oh no, dont worry that i'm sweating like a stuck pig all day in a AC-equipped house...ah the french...walks away shaking her head...

  3. picnics aren't for everyone, understand your reasons for not being fond of picnicking.