Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Goals for 2013

I have a bunch of goals for this year. Many of them are the same as last year, because I actually met all my major goals for last year and felt really good while doing so.

1) Read at least 104 books (rereads are OK so long as they aren't the majority of the list)
2) Try at least 52 new recipes. (sandwiches do not count. Paninis and smoothies do.)
3) Watch at least 26 movies that are new to me.
4) Be kind.
5) Get more exercise.
6) Keep losing weight.
7) Be better at keeping track of everything.
8) Focus on the positive
9) Try to eat raw vegetables every day (NOTE: I'm already failing at this!)
10) Knit at least a little bit every day

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