Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 ways to eat a pumpkin

1) Pumpkin pie, with just a touch of real whipped cream on top.
2) Curried pumpkin soup (can't find my favorite recipe right now, will post if it I do...)
3) Pumpkin latte
4) Roasted pumpkin seeds on my salad
5) Yellow curry with pumpkin (at my not-local-enough Thai restaurant)
6) Roasted, mashed pumpkin with butter and allspice
7) Pumpkin-apple soup (once again, recipe not springing to hand...)
8) Pumpkin cheesecake
9) Pumpkin milkshakes (from pumpkin ice cream, of course)
10) Roasted pumpkin seeds in my trail mix

(can you tell I love pumpkin?)

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